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Allianz Global Assistance - Marwan Nacouzi

Staff Feature- Marwan Nacouzi

Read more about Marwan's best holiday and top travel tips.


Allianz Global Assistance - Destination Feature – Sri Lanka

Destination Feature – Sri Lanka

Here is all you need to know about visiting Sri Lanka.


Allianz Global Assistance - Kitzbuehel, Austria

The Most Beautiful Places to go Skiing

Our top 5 ski destinations based on their beautiful views and setting.


Allianz Global Assistance - Kunal_Sadani

Staff Feature- Kunal Sadani

This month, Kunal Sadani is sharing with us his best holiday and top travel tips.

Allianz Global Assistance - traveler

7 Tips For Business Travelers

Here are our top tips for business travelers to make their trips that little bit more comfortable.

Allianz Global Assistance - maldives2

A Quick Guide to the Maldives

Do you want to visit one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in the world? Then you should put the Maldives at the top of your list.

Allianz Global Assistance - Carl Downham

Staff Feature-Carl Downham

Interesting information from our colleague Carl Downham, find out more about his current role,best destination and top travel advices.

Allianz Global Assistance - 9 Tips for travelling to cold climates

9 Tips for Travelling to Cold Climates

We have the essentials that you need to know about what to pack and how to stay warm when visiting cold locations.

Allianz Global Assistance - lebanon_2

A Quick Guide to Lebanon

Are you looking for a unique Mediterranean with Eastern twist travel experience? Then Lebanon should be your next destination.

Allianz Global Assistance - Anthony-thomas

Staff Feature- Anthony Thomas

Find out more about Anthony's best trip, top travel tips and the importance of travel insurance.

Allianz Global Assistance - 71839_598376180175941_1795446916_n

The Best Honeymoon Destinations from the UAE

Can't decide on the perfect honeymoon getaway? Take a look at our top locations that  we at Allianz Global Assistance would recommend for any newlywed to visit.

Allianz Global Assistance - Ritchie1

Staff Feature - Ritchie Chitongco

To make sure you enjoy your travel, you need peace of mind.  Having a travel insurance gives you peace of mind that you are covered while you are travelling as it is always best to expect the unexpected.

Allianz Global Assistance - airport

What Essentials Should You Pack in Your Carry On Luggage for A Long Haul Flight?

In this article we have tried to highlight the absolute must haves (in our opinion) that must be packed first.

Allianz Global Assistance - thailand_1

A Quick Guide to Thailand

Thailand, famous for its food, exotic beaches and parties, is the perfect holiday for anyone. There is an abundance of things to see and do that will suit all budgets and tastes. Check our guide for a quick highlights on Thailand.

Allianz Global Assistance - tech7

Best travel gadgets of 2016

Looking for travel gadgets for your next vacation? find the best travel gadgets list for 2016 to make your trips smooth, cool and fun.

Allianz Global Assistance - Allan_Noronha

Staff Feature - Allan Noronha

Travel insurance benefits during travel: helps you to mitigate uncertainties and make your travel a memorable one without worry.

Allianz Global Assistance - a0111_000225_1200x1600px__72dpi

How to overcome fear of flying!

A fear of flying can be different for many people, we have gathered some tips to help make the experience a little more comfortable.

Allianz Global Assistance - How travel has changed thanks to technology

How travel has changed 

Remember your paper tickets arriving in the post? That was a good day!

Allianz Global Assistance - Travelling with Children

Tips for travelling with Children

If the thought of the journey with your delightful children fills you with dread, take a look at some of our tips to help make the process a lot smoother.

Allianz Global Assistance - Great Rooftop Bars in Kuala Lumpur

Great Rooftop Bars in Kuala Lumpur

Here are our favourite, must not miss, Instagram worthy, make your friends jealous, roof top bars with a view for your next vacation to Kuala Lumpur.

Allianz Global Assistance - Jet Lag

How to Fight Off That Jet Lag

We have prepared a short list of helpful tips for you that will help you avoid, prevent and recover from severe jet lags.

Allianz Global Assistance - Eid Holiday

Destinations for Eid holidays

Choosing the right holiday destination is not always an easy task, take a look at our top 5 destinations for EID 2016 holidays.

Allianz Global Assistance - Zucchini

Ramadan 2016 Recipes

During Ramadan enjoy our choice of different delicious recipes to share with your family and friends.

Allianz Global Assistance - 114115009_1200x1600px__72dpi

Travelling on a budget

 We have gathered some tips on how you can travel on a stretched budget.

Allianz Global Assistance - happy

10 Keys To Happier Living

There are lots of practical ways to use the Ten Keys to Happier Living in our everyday lives. Here are a few suggestions, but you will probably have lots of other great ideas too. 

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