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5 Islands off the Italian Coast to Visit

When people think of visiting Italy they usually think of Venice’s waterways, Rome’s historical architecture, skiing or the lakes, but did you know that Italy has more than 80 stunning islands to enjoy also?

Whether it is Italian islander’s culture, picturesque fishing villages or powder soft beaches, these Italian islands should not be missed!

Procida (Off the Bay of Naples)

Procida is an easy boat ride off the coast of Naples. Procida is the least touristy island in this area due to most tourists visiting Capri, or its almost-as-famous Ischia.

Procida has a pretty, colourful fishing village serving up scrumptious fresh seafood for you to enjoy. You can also take a trip to the Church of San Michele and see the painted domes, or simply relax on one of the sandy beaches.

Make sure you take a day trip to visit this island and take in all its authentic culture.

Allianz Travel - Elba


Best known as the place of exile for Napoleon, Elba is Italy’s third largest island and sits off Italy’s west coast.

The island has more than an impressive 150 beaches, many with wide, stretches or ultra-fine sand and pretty blue waters, and others as sheltered coves. Beaches that are most popular to visit include Fetovia and Procchio.

You can also enjoy hikes in the mountains. Tourists have been known to find gemstones, quartz and crystals on the Mount Capanne. Will you be lucky enough to find some too?


Allianz Travel - Lampedusa


Home to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Lampedusa is actually closer to Tunisia than it is to Italy.

Rabbit Beach can be reached only by wading through the shallow, crystal clear waters due to its position on an islet in the southern coast.

Lampedusa is a protected island and one of very few areas in the Mediterranean where loggerhead sea turtles can lay their eggs safely.

Lampedusa is also a top spot for divers, with many taking trips out to dive to the submerged statue of Madonna del Mare. Here divers can expect to find all sorts of fish including octopus!


Allianz Travel - Ischia


Also located just a short boat ride off the coast of the Bay of Naples, Ischia is most famous for its stunning landscapes and natural, thermal springs.

Ischia’s main city, also named Ischia, is split into two areas – Ischia Ponte, the old-fashioned area with the Aragonese Castle, and Ischia Porto, an area with lots of bars, boutiques and restaurants.

Other areas to visit on Ischia are the Poseidon Gardens in the Bay of Citara and the town of Forio.


If you fancy getting away from it all then a trip to Panera is in order.

Located north of Sicily, this exclusive island is small, with few large developments or traffic, making it a popular get away for celebrity jet-setters, including the Bulgari family!

The island has a population of around just 200 people, and with just a handful of hotels, the island is never crowded.

This island has few beaches, but what it lacks in those it makes up for in spectacular scenery. This island really is a chic place to be scene.


 These are just our favorite beaches in Italy, but there are over 75 more for you to explore and enjoy.


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