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Six Things Not to Miss in Iceland

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In recent years, Iceland has become more and more popular as a destination to visit. Many go for a chance at seeing the northern lights, but there is so much stunning beauty to be seen and experienced aside for this.

Of course, the lights can only be seeing in the dark, so what do you do during your days?

Much of Iceland is hard to reach in bad weather, so here are our top things not to miss on your visit to Iceland that shouldn’t be hindered by the weather.


The Great Geyser

The Great Geyser in Iceland sprouts hot water over 70metres high! It is reported that this particular Geyser was the first ever known to man, and all other geysers have been named after this one. It has been active for approximately 10,000 years.


Breath taking Waterfalls

Iceland has many stunning waterfalls to visit, but if we were to recommend just one, we would recommend Gullfoss (pictured). It is incredible!

When you reach Gulfoss you will hear the roar from the water cascading over the gigantic falls. It can be rather windy and cold so make sure you wrap up properly with suitable layers.

Gullfoss is fed by Iceland’s second largest glacier and can be seen as part of the Golden Circle tour.


Ski doo on a Glacier

Have you even fancied charging around on a snow mobile? Well, there are many trips you can take to do just that.

Some trips will take you up on a glacier for a couple of hours of driving, and some other tours will also include a walk inside a glacier ice cave!

Again, it will be cold, but check with the tour provider as they often provide warm outer wear.


See tectonic plates

By taking a visit to Pingvellir National Park you will get to whiteness one of only two places in the world where two tectonic plates meet above the earth’s surface. Not only that, there is also a lake where you are allowed to swim and dive, so you can swim between these two tectonic plates!


Go Whale Watching

Iceland is one of the best places in Europe to get close to humpback wales, giant blue wales and Minke wales.

You can take boat rides out regularly from Reykjavik or Husavik to see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat.


The Blue Lagoon

Possibly one of the most famous lagoons in the world, The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is heated from geothermally heated water, and it is rather toasty!

The lovely creamy blue colour of the water is produced from the rich sulfur minerals found in the water. It is near the airport, so many people tend to visit the Blue Lagoon when they land or before leaving, or you can take a tour and transfer from Reykjavik or your hotel.

Whatever your reason for visiting Iceland, you will not be disappointed with the unique sights and experiences that are all available to you in one place.


We hope you enjoy your trip.


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