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Allianz Travel - 9 Tips for travelling to cold climates

9 Tips for Travelling to Cold Climates

Are you taking a break from the heat to visit colder climates this winter?

We have the essentials that you need to know about what to pack and how to stay warm when visiting these locations below:

1- Invest in a warm coat

Depending on where you are travelling to, you may need different coats for different destinations. For England you may need a waterproof rain coat, for Amsterdam you would need a warm, wind proof coat, and for skiing you will need a ski jacket.

2-Pack for layering, not bulking

If you are worried about packing, think carefully about layering. A thick heavy jumper will take up lots of space in your luggage, however it will not be any warmer than a couple of thin, insulating layers which take up much less space.

 3-Wear wool

As wool is natural it will help regular your body temperature, even under all those layers! If the weather warms up, you will still be able to wear a wool layer, but your heavy jumper will be useless and too hot.

 4-Have good base layers

Good base layers can keep you as warm as big bulky jumpers. You can hide base layers under shirts, blouses and jumpers.

 5-Wear your bulky items when travelling

This may sound a little uncomfortable, but it will be hard to pack your large coats and other accessories into your luggage, plus you may need them as soon as you land depending on where you are going. Wear your coat, hats, scarves etc. on the plane to save luggage space. You can always put them in the overhead compartments or use them as pillows on a long journey!

 6-Invest in quality pieces

Quality accessories will last a long time, so if you are planning on travelling to a cold location again in the future, this could end up saving lots of money in the long term.

 7- Or buy cheap

Just going on a one off trip? Then perhaps buying cheap is your best bet. Not sure you will find much use for a wooly hat and a down coat in the desert!

 8-Take out good travel insurance

Of course we will say this, but we have good reason to. The winter months, especially in the colder countries, sees more flights delayed or cancelled due to bad weather and you would not want this ruining your trip.

If you are planning a skiing trip, make sure your insurance covers winter sports. These can be dangerous and you must make sure you are covered for any accidents that could happen.

 9-Do your home work

Make sure you know what the weather is like at the coldest destination you will visit if you are touring multiple destinations. This will make sure you are prepared for the worst!


For more help and information regarding travel insurance and winter sports cover, visit our Winter Sports section here or call us on +971 4 270 8705 and we would be happy to assist you.


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