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A quick guide to  Australia

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If you are looking to visit Australia then there is a lot for you to visit, but where do you start?

Australia is the 6th largest country in the world and is completely surrounded by water with no land boarders.


Here we break down the different areas of Australia to help you.

How to get there

Flight times to Australia from Dubai vary depending on where you are heading off to.

Australia is very, very big. So big that it takes 5 hours just to fly from the west coast to the east.

If you are travelling to Perth on the west coast it will take approx. 10 hours and 45mins nonstop.

If you wanted to fly to Sydney, it would take 13 hours and 35 mins nonstop.


Australia’s currency is the Australian Dollar. They use the same $ sign as the USA, but it is not worth the same as the US dollar. Their physical cash is brightly coloured and it is even waterproof!

Best times to visit

Due to the sheer size of Australia, different areas of the country have slightly different weather patterns:

Summer: Summer is between December and February where temperatures across the country can get very hot.

Winter: This is between June and August. The southern cities get colder in this period but are still generally mild.

Sydney: Winters in Sydney are mild, often between 9 and 17 degrees Celsius. The Summer can reach up to 25 degrees Celsius. The perfect temperature for enjoying the beaches!

Brisbane: Here you will find Australia’s tropical climate, hot, hot summers and mild to hot winters! Summer temperatures average between 21 and 30 degrees Celsius and the winter 11 – 21 degrees Celsius.

Perth: Expect hot dry summers and mild winters here in Perth. Summer sees very little rainfall and temperatures of up to 26 degrees Celsius, with the winter cool and wet with temperatures of 8 to 19 degrees Celsius.

Melbourne: This city is known to have 4 seasons in one day! In summer the temperature reaches up to 25 degrees Celsius and is usually dry. The winter can get much colder, averaging between 6 and 14 degrees Celsius with the weather usually cloudy.

The Areas of Australia

Australia is massive, it is only slightly smaller than the USA, so unless you are planning a long trip to travel around it, you need to choose where you want to visit wisely.

Australia has 6 states, each with its own state capital, which also happens to be the most popular tourist destinations. Here we breakdown the 4 most popular cities.

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Sydney, New South Wales.

Often confused with being the capital of Australia (the capital is Canberra), Sydney is famous throughout the world for its landmarks of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera house.

Sydney is a cool, vibrant city with many new and trendy eateries and cafes, with shopping a plenty.

Not only a large city, Sydney also boasts some incredible beaches, including another world famous, Bondi Beach!

Take a short trip outside of Sydney to visit the Blue Mountains! They get their name from the colour of the haze that rises from the eucalyptus trees.



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Brisbane, Queensland

Brisbane is a cosmopolitan city further north of Sydney in the state of Queensland. There is no shortage of Sunshine here!

In this city you will find excellent hotels, shopping and many restaurants. The city itself is set on a river, but is very close to the sea with lots of lovely beaches.

Take a 1 hour drive south out of Brisbane and you will find the Gold Coast, another beautiful location to visit. Here you will find miles of golden sandy beaches and lots of surfing spots!


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Melbourne, Victoria.

Located on the southern coast of Australia, Melbourne is cool, hip and a sport lovers’ paradise – they have 5 major, international stadiums here. More than any other city!

Melbourne also has its fair share of cool eateries and shopping areas. It also has many wonderful gardens for you to wander around in.

Travel just outside of Melbourne and take a drive down the Great Ocean Road where you will see some spectacular scenery.


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Perth, Western Australia.

Out on the far western side of Australia lies Perth, the state capital city that has the most sunshine of them all!

In and around Perth you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and meet animals at local sanctuaries.

Are you can see, it will take some time for you to be able to see even a fraction of what the country has to offer, but hopefully now you have a slightly clearer view of where you would like to explore first.



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