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Blogs & Newsletters - January 2017

Allianz Travel - Carl Downham

Staff Feature-Carl Downham

Interesting information from our colleague Carl Downham, find out more about his current role,best destination and top travel advices.

Allianz Travel - traveler

7 Tips For Business Travelers

Here are our top tips for business travelers to make their trips that little bit more comfortable.

Allianz Travel - maldives2

A Quick Guide to the Maldives

Do you want to visit one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in the world? Then you should put the Maldives at the top of your list.

Allianz Travel - 9 Tips for travelling to cold climates

9 Tips for Travelling to Cold Climates

We have the essentials that you need to know about what to pack and how to stay warm when visiting cold locations.

Allianz Travel - lebanon_2

A Quick Guide to Lebanon

Are you looking for a unique Mediterranean with Eastern twist travel experience? Then Lebanon should be your next destination.


Allianz Travel - Worldpay
Allianz Travel - Alliance Insurance Company

Allianz Travel Insurance is underwritten by Alliance Insurance Company P.S.C and serviced by Allianz Travel / NEXtCARE Effiel Boulevard Limited Building 1st floor, Umm Al Sheif, Sheikh Zayed Road, PO Box 80864, Dubai United Arab Emirates.