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Blogs & Newsletters - October 2016

Allianz Travel - Anthony-thomas

Staff Feature- Anthony Thomas

Find out more about Anthony's best trip, top travel tips and the importance of travel insurance.

Allianz Travel - Jet Lag

How to Fight Off That Jet Lag

We have prepared a short list of helpful tips for you that will help you avoid, prevent and recover from severe jet lags.

Allianz Travel - Eid Holiday

Destinations for Eid holidays

Choosing the right holiday destination is not always an easy task, take a look at our top 5 destinations for EID 2016 holidays.

Allianz Travel - Zucchini

Ramadan 2016 Recipes

During Ramadan enjoy our choice of different delicious recipes to share with your family and friends.

Allianz Travel - 114115009_1200x1600px__72dpi

Travelling on a budget

 We have gathered some tips on how you can travel on a stretched budget.

Allianz Travel - happy

10 Keys To Happier Living

There are lots of practical ways to use the Ten Keys to Happier Living in our everyday lives. Here are a few suggestions, but you will probably have lots of other great ideas too. 


Allianz Travel - Worldpay
Allianz Travel - Alliance Insurance Company

Allianz Travel Insurance is underwritten by Alliance Insurance Company P.S.C and serviced by Allianz Travel / NEXtCARE Effiel Boulevard Limited Building 1st floor, Umm Al Sheif, Sheikh Zayed Road, PO Box 80864, Dubai United Arab Emirates.