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What Essentials Should You Pack in Your Carry On Luggage for A Long Haul Flight?

Like most people, we want to take everything in our carry-on luggage ‘just in case.’ This means what we need and what we actually pack can be very different. It also means that our bag is so full, every time we want to take something out of it we have to almost empty it first. This can get quite annoying after the first two times!


In this article we have tried to highlight the absolute must haves (in our opinion) that must be packed first.

Travel Documents – all of them!

This might sound incredibly obvious, but the amount of times one of the documents is missing is often enough to have to mention it.

 Documents include:

  • Passport
  • Tickets/Boarding Pass (you may have this on your phone instead)
  • Travel Insurance Documents – emergency contact details and policy number at a minimum!
  • Money/Credit Cards – For both local and final destinations.

 We also find it really helpful to have all of these documents in one document holder or bag together, so when you need any of them you can find them all easily together, rather than emptying out that bag or worry you’ve lost your passport!

Antibacterial Hand Wash

Whilst they look pretty clean, planes have very quick turnaround times before they have to set off again. Planes do have regular deep cleans, but not every time you get on them! You don’t know who was sitting in your seat and touching the armrest for the last 7 or more hours. Better to be safe than sorry.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Travel sized toothpaste that is. Cleaning your teeth makes a huge difference to how you feel at the end of the flight. If you are lucky enough (or not) to be flying for more than 12 hours, then this is an absolute necessity.


Some planes are hot, some are freezing. Take an extra item to keep you warm should it be needed. If it isn’t, then you have an extra bit of padding for a pillow.

Water Bottle

Take an empty one or buy a full one at the airport. Make sure you stay hydrated on the plane. You can sometimes forget how long it has been since you last drank a decent amount of water.

Ear Plugs

If you want to get some sleep, there is no harm in taking these with you. It might make you curse a little less if you happen to be near a screaming child.


If you pack all the above and have some room to spare, pack yourself something to do. A book and magazine are the obvious options. If you are taking a laptop or mobile phone, best not forget a charger too! Many airlines now offer WiFi onboard, so find this out in advance.


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