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Love to travel? Here are 7 jobs for you.

Are you a fan of travelling and dream of spending time away from home?

 We are with you!

Travelling can be expensive, so imagine being able to earn money whilst you are travelling or living away from home. Sounds great doesn’t it!


Here are our top 7 jobs for those who love to travel.


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Flight attendant

Fancy hopping on and off a plane in different parts of the world as your job? AND get paid to do so?

Flight attendants get to do just this, and depending on the flight time and your schedule, you often get to spend a couple of days (sometimes much longer) in these different destinations.

This job isn’t easy, you could be working long hours, on different time zones, but seeing the world will no doubt make up for this! A small price to pay one might say!

You will need to be good with people for this job, but most airlines do not expect you to have qualifications. All training can be obtained on the job.

Teach a language you speak

Can you speak fluent English? Did you know that this means you already have a highly sought-after skill; speaking English.

Teaching English abroad, or any foreign language for that matter, can be highly rewarding.

Better yet, it gives you the chance to see, live and experience many different places in the world.

English teaching jobs in particular are in abundance, so get looking! Some jobs may require a certificate, but many of these can be obtained online in a short time.

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Working on a cruise ship

Cruise ships are the perfect job for those who want to see more of the world. Jobs aboard these huge liners are varied; from waiting staff, cleaners and tour guides to chef’s, entertainers and crew, there is something for everyone.

Cruise ship jobs are highly sought after, however if you do manage to bag yourself this opportunity, you will find yourself waking up somewhere new almost every day. How exciting!


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Hop aboard a Yacht

Working aboard a Yacht is not like working on a cruise liner. Many Yachts are grand, expensive, and owned by the rich or famous. The hours are long, but the pay is often very generous. You may get some slightly odd demands from the owners or the guests but working aboard a private Yacht will be an exciting experience indeed!

A tour guide

Are you outgoing, friendly and love sharing your passion, experience and knowledge?

Becoming a tour guide might be for you.

This job will involve you showing other travelers around your new city/country/home and getting paid for it.

Sounds great doesn’t it!


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An au-pair is someone who lives with a family and looks after their children. Now, consider doing this in another country. This is a great way to experience life in a new country and surrounding, whilst being provided with accommodation and a salary (albeit, often a small salary).

If you speak a second language this would be a bonus!

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Ski Instructor

This is a great seasonal job and perfect if you love winter sports.

Each ski season head off up to the mountains in Europe or Canada to teach others how to do your favourite sport. Here you will meet lots of new people from all over the world and have a whole season of being able to hit the slopes yourself!

For all the jobs listed above, make sure you do your research and obtain the correct visas required for country. Also, make sure you have the right travel and medical insurances for the location and job that you will be taking up.

Wherever you are considering on heading off to, make sure you allow yourself time to take everything in and make the very most of your experience!


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