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Must Have Products for Frequent Business Travelers

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Are you a frequent traveler for business and interested in the latest in tech gadgets to make those, sometimes long, sometimes tiresome trips that little bit easier?

Look no further. We have rounded up the best in latest travel tech.


Luggage tracker

If your trip is too big or long for just hand luggage, then you may be a little concerned about your baggage arriving safely at your destination.

Worry no more as multiple tech companies have created luggage trackers that attach to, or fit inside, your suitcase. Using an app on your phone you can see where your luggage is in real time and some even send notifications when they arrive at your destination.


Smart suitcase

If you are travelling with just hand luggage, then you need to upgrade to a smart case!

Cabin cases have come on leaps and bounds in the past couple of years and have become the perfect travel companion. Now, not only by storing your belongings, but also by protecting your laptop, providing a portable charging station, having GPS tracking built in, and some even include a built-in scale that lets you know its weight via an app!


Foot Rest Hammock

Yes, this really is a thing. Not exactly ground-breaking tech, but many of the best ideas are simple ones!

No longer do you have to uncomfortably rest your feet on the floor in your economy seat. With the footrest hammock you can sit more relaxed, feet (slightly) up, whilst reducing pressure on your back and neck. Not only does this work on planes, you can even install it under your office desk.

Portable Room Lock

When you are staying in a hotel there are, quite literally, hundreds of people who could potentially enter your room if they wanted to.

Protect your room from unwanted entries with a portable travel lock kit. This excellent little piece of kit is easy to fit by inserting the security bracket into the door latch and turning the door knob.

It works on virtually any hinged door that opens inwards.

Bag tidy!

Do you ever feel like you’re are forever searching through your bag, hunting down pens for your landing card, tugging at tangled cables and generally unable to find anything you really need? Well, that is all about to change.

There are a number of companies who have taken this problem to heart and created some wonderful, organizational masterpieces. Many of these used a solid shape wrapped and woven with elastic, meaning that you can slip in any of your accessories and they will be all held, tidily, in one place.

Another simple, yet necessary invention!


The Collar Fixer

You packed all your shirts carefully, yet when you take them out of your case at your destination, somehow the collars have gone a little… limp.

If this is the case, you need to get yourself a portable collar fixer! These nifty little fashion savers are easy to fit. You just lift the collar, pop in a collar fixer to the collar stay pocket, fold it back down and et voila! A perfectly sculpted collar.


Global Hotspots

Have you ever been assured that there would be free Wi-Fi on your travels, only for that to be a little bit of a lie?

How many times have you connected to the Wi-Fi, with the little Wi-Fi symbol nicely lit up, and still no internet?

You can now rent hotspots that you can take on your travels to make sure that you are always connected. All you have to do a rent a hotspot from one of the multiple options out there, turn it on, activate a pass and off you go!


Unfortunately, there is nothing available yet that stops jet leg, but as soon as there is, you will be the first to know! Fingers crossed…


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