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Destination Feature – Sri Lanka

Allianz Travel - Destination Feature – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island just south of India in the Indian Ocean. The island has a diverse landscape, from rainforests to plains and highlands to beautiful sandy beaches, and more activities then you would ever need.


Here is all you need to know about visiting Sri Lanka.


Best time to visit

In terms of weather, Sri Lanka has a very complicated weather pattern, that sometimes has no pattern at all. The island has two monsoons, one to the south west and one to the north east. The basic rainfall pattern below is roughly what you can expect to happen on the island, however this does often change.


South and West of the Island – the south west monsoon brings rain to this area between April/May and September, making the best time to visit here is December to March.


North and East of the Island – the north east monsoon brings rain here between November and March, making the best time to visit this part of the island between April/May and September.


Whilst this pattern is rather unordinary, it does mean that there is likely to always be good weather somewhere on the island!


The weather is also very humid, up to 90% at times in the south west!


Due to being close to the equator, temperatures are fairly consistent all year round. They can range from 26-30degrees in the day around the cost and lowland areas, and sometimes much higher! Temperature decreases with altitude where nightly temperatures in the hills can be close to freezing.


Getting to Sri Lanka

You can fly direct from both Duabi Airport and Abu Dhabi Airport to Colombo, Sri Lanka. A return trip in April with Emirates would take around 4.5 hours and cost as little as AED 1600.



Sri Lanka offers all types of accommodation to match your budget. From 5star luxury resorts to tiny beach shacks.


If you are on a budget, most people stay in guesthouses which are family run businesses. The owners often live in the same property or very close buy.


If you are looking for a little more luxury, up in the hills are some of the finest hotels in old colonial mansions.



Sri Lanka has been known as one of the original spice islands. The staple dish in Sri Lanka is rice and curry, this can include chilies, curry leaves, coconut milk, cinnamon and fish. 

Dishes can be incredibly spicy in Sri Lanka, hotter than most Indian cooking and similar to Thai spices, so be careful if you do not like hot food.

It is also tradition to eat with your hands to feel the textures as well as flavours, although cutlery is given to tourists by default.


What to do

What is there NOT to do in Sri Lanka?


If you like Cricket, Sri Lanka is the place for you. They are obsessed with Cricket and they follow their national team closely. Etwen September and April visitors can get temporary membership at the Colombo Crickel Club.


Swimming and Snorkeling

With areas around the cost safe for snorkeling, you can take trip around viewing the under waters of the best beaches on the island. There are also areas that are not at all safe, so do make sure you speak with local experts first.



Arugam bay has areas suitable for both expert surfers and novices. The waves here are best between May and October. Over to the west coast between November and April you can learn to surf at one of the centers.


Whale Watching

A fairly new activity to Sri Lanka, trips run regularly out of Mirissa on the south coast. 

 In addition, at all these things to do, you can also play golf, visit spas, go walking around beautiful scenery and horse riding.

You certainly will not get bored in Sri Lanka, and with this stunning and varied island so close to the UAE, what’s stopping you make the trip over?


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