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Staff Feature- Marwan Nacouzi

What is your name, where are you from, and what is your job at Allianz Global Assistance?

Marwan Nacouzi, Lebanon, Business Development Manager

Best holiday you have ever been on?

Holland, Amsterdam for the beauty of its canals, and its people. You should not miss the Van Gogh Museum and a small canal tour with a diner on the ferry. Wandering in the streets of Amsterdam and discovering it, as every corner has a story to tell. 

What are your top travel tips?

Don’t worry about forgetting something back home, you can always find it elsewhere, just pack your bag and think about the trip. As long as you have your passport and some money, alongside your travel insurance you are fine. you can always find it elsewhere.

Best part of your job?

My team, and its challenge.

Our commitment to excellence, and customer satisfaction, keeps our clients faith in us even through tough times. Thus are high client relationship retention.

Allianz Travel - Staff Feature-Marwan Nacouzi

Why do you think it is important to take out travel insurance?

Better safe than sorry, imagine you had a minor accident or, lost your luggage, or you had a flight delay… would you cut short your vacation because you don’t have any more money to spend and enjoy it? I don’t think so

Why should someone book their travel insurance with Allianz Global Assistance?

Why wouldn’t you buy Allianz Global Assistance product, the quality of service is enough to explain why.



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