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Tips for travelling with Children

Be time flexible

Got a tight schedule? Must be somewhere by a certain time? Surely all parents know by now that if you have children, your schedule goes out the window. Make sure you allow plenty of buffer time in your plan for those unexpected toilet trips, tantrums and feeding. 

Put contact information on your child

Sounds a bit silly, but this was a tip given to us a while ago. Write your mobile number on your child’s arm. If they happen to go missing, anyone that finds them is able to give you a call. A little bit of extra peace of mind.

Bring some home comforts

Small children taken out of their familiar surroundings for a long period of time could upset them. Make sure you take some familiar items; teddy’s, books, pillows, to make them feel more at ease.

If driving somewhere, take breaks frequently

It is almost impossible to keep a child entertained in a car set for too long. Make sure your travel plans allow for many breaks, up to every 2 hours, to allow them to burn off some energy. It may take longer to get to your destination, but it will be much less stressful.

Feed a baby whilst taking off

This will help their ears adjust to the pressure change and hopefully stop them from screaming. For older children, take some sweets to help.

Don’t get off the plane without….

Taking the little ones for a last toilet break and making sure they are fed. Passport check, waiting for bags and clearing customs can take a long time. You don’t want to have hungry, toilet needing children at this time.

Pre-book seats

Again, check in can take forever. Wherever possible, pre-book your seats and check in online. This will save waiting in those long lines with a little one!

Travel at night

Not only can night flights save you money, but they can also make travelling with children a little easier – providing they haven’t had to stay up the entire night before boarding! Flying at night means your children will be tired and should hopefully settle for sleep, unlike daytime flights. This then gives you a nice bit of time to relax and settle in for your holiday.

Take out travel insurance

Now this is a biggie. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are or clean your hands are, you or your children can get sick or have an accident. In most countries, needing medical attention can cost a lot of money. Travel Insurance may seem like an extra cost, but it is a very low cost compared to what you could have to pay without it. Allianz Global Assistance knows exactly how to take care of you and your family, leaving you able to relax and enjoy your holiday without this worry. Get in touch with us today for a free quote for your next trip.


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