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Why you should take travel insurance more seriously

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We all have heard that you should take out travel insurance when you go abroad on your travels.


Here's why?


In case the airline loses your suitcase and you need to buy new things to replace them? Or that if you do something silly and end up in hospital, you won’t have to pay for the cost?


Both are correct, but it is not that simple, nor are both of those things guaranteed to be covered on any old travel insurance you take out.

Here are the reasons why you should take travel insurance more seriously to make sure that you are covered, happy, and able to make the most of your travels!



Travel insurance can cover you for months before you travel

Many people do not realise that travel insurance is much more than covering you whilst you are away. It can actually cover you before you travel too.


How handy is that!


Let’s say, for example, you are travelling in December but booked your flights and accommodation in March. If you take out the correct level of travel insurance which includes cancellation cover as soon as you booked your flights and accommodation, you are covered from that point on till after you trip.


This means that if, for some reason, in October you are unable to travel, you may be eligible for a refund.


If you didn’t book your cover until you travelled, you would unlikely be able to get these costs back should you have had to cancel.



It covers you for things out of your control

You may plan your trip meticulously and know exactly where you are going to be at any time, but sometimes things can happen that are out of your control.


This could be any number of things including someone hitting into you, bad weather, a break in and much more!


Having these things covered by good travel insurance gives you the peace of mind and cover needed in case others aren’t as organized and in control as you are.



Swat up and read the small print


In order for you to have the right level of cover, we recommend you to read the Terms and conditions of your policy.


Are you sure that you are covered if your airline goes bust whilst you are away? Are you sure that your insurance covers costs should you need to be transported to a hospital or even home?


Travel insurance has many different cover options available for you to pick the best that suits you and your trip.

The Terms and conditions will provides all the details of the coverages.


Check your excesses

An excess is the amount you may need to pay towards a claim, and each excess can be different depending on what you are claiming for.


There may be instances, particularly with cheap, comparison site offers, where by the excess may be higher than the claim itself.


Policies can vary and can even be tailor made to suit you. Reading your insurance policy options carefully will allow you to take out the best cover for you.



You must always disclose your full medical history

If you fail to disclose your full medical history, it is almost certain that you will not be able to claim for an illness or treatment as a result of that illness.


This does not mean that if you have an illness you will not be covered, something many people think. A number of illnesses are still covered but you must disclose them in advance.


Disclosing medical history will make sure you are safely covered for your trip. If you have any questions regarding this, giving the policy owner a call is advised as they will be able to help you make the right choices and guide you on this process.



24-hour Emergency assistance

Many travel insurances offer 24-hour emergency assistance to their customers, so you can call upon them any time of day or night.


If you are abroad, chances are you are in a different time zone to home, so this is a fantastic service giving you that extra piece of mind.



Personal Liability insurance

Here is something you may not have thought of… what if you hurt someone else or their belongings?


This may sound a bit of an odd one, but it can happen.


Travel insurance that includes personal liability means that if someone were to claim against you for hurting them or their belongings then you would be covered for the costs.



Travel insurance is there to protect you and your things when you are away from home.


If you would like any assistance in taking out travel insurance, please get in contact with us today.




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