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Travel Insurance to the UAE

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Please read our Coronavirus Alert for updated information related to the COVID-19 outbreak and our coverage policy.

This travel insurance product has been designed for all travellers visiting the United Arab Emirates. The product provides Emergency Medical coverage and additional travel benefits such as coverage for loss of personal baggage or flight delay.

The product can cover any traveler from any country who wants to have a travel insurance while visiting the United Arab Emirates.

As some medical expenses following an accident can be high, multiple embassies recommend their nationals to be covered with a travel insurance while abroad such as India or Australia.

In a few clicks, you can purchase our tailor-made travel insurance from AED 56..


Inbound Product 

From 56 AED

 Emergency Medical and Associated Expenses

Provides cover if you are taken into hospital or you need to come home early or extend your journey due to illness or accident.
Emergency Medical Evacuation / Repatriation

If deemed medically necessary we shall organise your evacuation to the nearest or most suitable medical facility to provide the required care for your health condition. In extreme circumstances this may require repatriation back to your home country.

Included Above

24-h Assistance service


Emergency Family Travel / Visit of close relative

On medical advice we shall pay for a close relative to stay with you, or travel to you from your home country in case you are hospitalized.

1 x Economy Return ticket

Repatriation of Remains

We shall cover the costs for the transportation of your remains in the unfortunate event of your death, or the death of any person covered under your policy, during your journey.



In case of an emergency we shall cover you for dental treatment to relieve sudden pain.

$500 Max ($100 per tooth)

Loss of Travel documents

Provides cover if your passport or visas are lost, stolen or destroyed on your journey.


Loss of Personal Luggage

Cover for the loss, theft or damage of your personal luggage during your trip - this includes your valuables, single items, pair or set and fragrances,


Loss of Personal money

You shall be eligible for for the accidental loss or theft of money or travelers cheques belonging to and being carried by the person covered or any person covered under your policy.


Credit card Fraud

Report the theft or loss to the police within 24 hours of discovery and ask them for a written police report.


Baggage or Flight delay

Cover if your departure is delayed by more than 6 hours. Benefits apply after the first 12 hours delay and additional benefits apply after each extra delay of 12 hours. Your policy will specify the maximum payable. The circumstances covered are listed in the Policy Document. Alternatively, you may receive up to the amount specified in your policy, if you chose to abandon your journey or cancel your holiday after a 24 hour delay.

$50 PER 4 hours (Max $500)

Inbound product

From 56 AED


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