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Business Travel Insurance 

If you are planning a Business trip, take Allianz global assistance with you. With our range of policy options you can choose the perfect cover for you.

You should ask yourself a few questions before buying travel insurance. 

Are you going on business trips several times a year?

Where are you travelling? 

  • Europe/Schengen space:if you are required to get a Schengen visa to travel in Europe, our Schengen insurance will help you get the visa.
  • Terrorism-prone areas: we have created a specific add-on product in case of any acts of terrorism. This gives extra-protection in case of such an event



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Allianz Travel Insurance is underwritten by Alliance Insurance Company P.S.C and serviced by Allianz Travel / NEXtCARE Effiel Boulevard Limited Building 1st floor, Umm Al Sheif, Sheikh Zayed Road, PO Box 80864, Dubai United Arab Emirates.