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Allianz Global Assistance - 7 Tips for business travelers

7 Tips for business travelers


1.Fly with the same couple of airlines

Airlines often give preferential treatment to frequent flyers and you may end up first in the queue for upgrades. It is also the best way to earn air miles, just make sure you sign up to their frequent flyer programs.


2.Know the difference between non-stop and direct flights

Many people do not realise that there is a big difference between non-stop and direct flights. If you book a non-stop flight, it is exactly that – you do not stop before you reach your destination. However, a direct flight may make a stop somewhere else during the journey. If you do not want to waste time this way, then make sure you book a non-stop flight!


3.Antibacterial hand sanitizer

The last thing you need is to be falling unwell when on a business trip. Sanitizing your hands will help stop you from picking up germs and bugs, especially on airplanes which aren’t deep cleaned between each flight!


4.Learn to deal with jetlag

Jetlag can be a real pain when you are travelling for business, both at your destination and when you return home, so learning how to combat it as quickly as possible is necessary.

 A couple of our tips are:

  • Set your watch to the local time as soon as you land
  • Stay away from alcohol and caffeine on your journey – they can dehydrate you
  • Don’t sleep when its light
  • Try and sleep when it’s dark!

When you find the way that works best for you, stick to it!



Some people swear by noise cancelling headphones to help them get some peace on flights, however they are not the most comfortable to wear for sleeping.

We recommend the orange foam ear plugs. They are smaller and easier to carry, easy and cheap to replace and comfortable to sleep whilst wearing. Simply squash them down and insert them into your ear. As they expand they will block out lots of sound.


6.Take spare clothes in you carry on

The last thing you need on a business trip is to lose your luggage! Keeping a spare set of clothes in your carry on will keep you clothed should this happen. It isn’t nice to keep wearing the clothes you have travelled in, particularly if you have an important meeting to attend!


7.Travel Insurance

If you are a frequent traveller the chances of an unforeseen travel issue increases, so having the correct travel insurance in place is essential.

Travel insurance isn’t just for covering you if you fall unwell, it also assists you in the following ways

  • Missed / delayed / cancelled flight or hotel
  • Lost luggage
  • Personal liability

If you need assistance with your travel insurance, please do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful staff at Allianz Global Assistance MEA.


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