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When you opt for travel insurance, you're not just acquiring a policy; you're securing a dependable travel companion. Our plans, starting at just AED 48, are meticulously crafted to provide coverage for a range of situations:
  • Medical and Dental Emergencies: Immediate assistance and coverage, ensuring you receive essential care without the stress of hefty medical bills.
  • Trip Cancellations and Delays: Reimbursements for non-refundable expenses, providing support if your trip faces unexpected interruptions or cancellations.
  • Lost or Delayed Baggage: Compensation and assistance if your baggage is delayed for over 6 hours, or if it's damaged or lost during your journey.
  • Loss of Travel Documents: Swift assistance to help you navigate the situation if your vital travel documents go missing.

Medical benefits include coverage for accidental death, emergency medical expenses, a daily cash allowance during hospital stays, compensation for lost baggage, and support for trip cancellations. Additionally, missed departures or connection flights are also covered.

Take the time to check out our travel insurance products and find the right travel insurance in the UAE  for you and your family!
Online travel insurance
Imagine being stranded in a foreign country due to a sudden flight cancellation or facing hefty medical bills because of an unexpected illness. Travel insurance is your safety net, ensuring such hiccups don't turn into nightmares. 
To ensure comprehensive protection for your journey, it's important to get travel insurance as soon as you finalise your trip bookings and before your trip starts: this will provide peace of mind throughout your travels. 
In a few words: everybody who is travelling. Travel insurance is a small investment which protects you from the unexpected while abroad. For some destinations, a travel insurance mandatory if you need to apply for a tourist visa (ex: Schengen space). 

The perfect travel insurance in the UAE  to obtain your Schengen Visa. Buy your Schengen travel Insurance starting from 56 AED* with Allianz Travel and rest assured for your trip, we’ve got you covered.

From 56 AED*

Our comprehensive Travel Insurance insures you against the unexpected whilst travelling abroad, whether that be alone or with your family. Buy online today with prices starting from 76 AED* per person.

From 76 AED**

Having some family or friends over ? Our Inbound travel insurance to the UAE is available to protect your loved ones from the unexpected. In a few clicks, you can get this travel insurance right until they enter the country.

From 50 AED***

Our annual multi-trip travel insurance products cover you for all of your trips below 92 days within a year. This is the best cost-effective travel insurance if you are a frequent traveller. Always buy the best with Allianz Travel.

From 664 AED****

At Allianz Travel, we know travelling is about experiences and we want you to be covered when you are taking this extra risk that will make the difference. Our Sport cover accompanies you a step further !

From 169 AED*****
In addition to travel insurance, we offer the TravelSmart app. This is more than just an app; it's your ideal travel companion. Whether you're looking for nearby hospitals, or embassies, or need to translate medical terms in a hurry, TravelSmart can help. Navigate your journey with confidence, knowing that help is only a tap away.

* Schengen Travel-price based on a 30 year old travelling up to 5 days within a Schengen Destination with no pre-existing medical conditions.

**Travel Standard -Price based on a 30 year old travelling up to 5 days within Worldwide excluding USA & Canada geographical zone.

***Travel UAE-Inbound - price based on a 30 year old travelling up to 5 days to the United Arab Emirates

**** Standard Annual Multi-trip  - price based on an Adult (19-65) purchasing an annual multi-trip insurance. 

***** Travel Insurance to UAE - price based on a 30 year old travelling up to 5 days within Worldwide excluding USA & Canada geographical zon and getting a Sport cover

We offer reliable, comprehensive travel insurance coverage. Our travel insurance products are designed to cater for your most critical travel needs, ensuring peace of mind throughout your visits abroad. This section is indicative and you should read our Terms and Conditions before purchasing any of our travel insurance products to be aware of the details of our travel insurance (specific covers, limits, exclusions). Main points covered by our travel insurance include:
Travel insurance plans provide extensive financial coverage for unexpected medical emergencies while abroad, encompassing hospital stays, medication costs, and dental emergencies. They also cover the substantial expenses associated with medical evacuations, ensuring you receive top-notch medical assistance without the financial strain -  our terms and conditions apply. 
Losing your passport or visa can be an extremely unfortunate situation to be in. We provide cover for the loss, theft or destruction of your travel documents during your journey.

If unforeseen circumstances cause you to miss your departure, we will cover the additional expenses for alternative transportation and accommodation. Similarly, if your departure is delayed for more than 6 hours, we offer benefits after the initial 12-hour delay, with further benefits for each subsequent 12-hour delay.

Not every of our products offers this cover, we recommend you to read the terms and conditions for the travel insurance you are about to purchase. Your policy will specify the maximum payable amount, and covered circumstances will be detailed in the Policy Document. Additionally, if you decide to cancel your trip after a 24-hour delay, you may be eligible for compensation up to the specified amount in your policy.

Travel insurance ensures that lost luggage doesn’t derail your trip. It provides compensation for misplaced items and support in replacing essential belongings. Additionally, the insurance covers the loss of personal documents, offering financial assistance and helping you recover lost time spent tracking down your possessions. Our insurance covers temporary loss or theft of your possessions during your departing journey—excluding valuables—if the delay extends beyond six hours from your arrival destination.

As for the previous benefits, not every of our products includes this benefit. You should read the terms and conditions that apply for the travel insurance you are about to purchase. 

If you find yourself entangled in legal complications abroad, travel insurance provides coverage for associated costs, including court proceedings and legal fees, offering peace of mind and financial protection.

In these uncertain times, we understand the importance of having COVID-19-related cover. Our travel insurance policies include:

  • Emergency Medical and Associated Expenses specifically related to COVID-19.
  • If you are infected while travelling and require quarantine, we will cover your accommodation costs during this period.


Millions of people rely on us! With 1 intervention every 2 seconds, Allianz Travel is the worldwide leader in travel Insurance and assistance services. Winter Sports, Hazardous Activities Cover ,Single trip or Annual cover: Whatever your need, go ahead, we'll have you covered 24/7.