All our products are covering COVID-19. Please check our Terms and Conditions for the full coverages. You can read our Coronavirus Alert for updated information related to the COVID-19 outbreak.
Our optional covers have been designed to protect you from a specific risk or cover you for a specific activity. These extra covers are add-ons to our comprehensive travel insurance which means you can add them up on top of one of our travel insurance products. You can select more than one optional cover if required.

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Sports Cover
This product offers coverage for  certain activities such as wall climbing, deep sea fishing or skateborading within your policy limits. Please check the list of activities here Covers Injury, loss or damage to you you as an innocent bystander in the event of an act of terrorism - Up to USD  100,000

This cover includes thefollowing benefits:

  • Ski pack - Refund if you need to cancel or curtail your trip - Up to USD 500 
  • Delayed Ski Equipment - Up to USD 300 
  • Ski Equipment -Reimbursement if damaged, stolen, lost or destroyed during your journey - Up to USD 300
  • Piste closure -Cover if you cannot ski because of a loack of snow -  Up to USD 250
Avalanche closure -Cover Extra transport or accomodation if you annot reach your destination or get back home because of an avalanche at your resort - Up to USD 150