what to do when you missed a flight

Help, I Have Missed My Flight, What Do I Do?

There can be a number of reasons why you may miss a flight. Even the most organised of people cannot prepare for unforeseen circumstances which may lead to this event occurring.

Missing a flight can be incredibly stressful. Should you find yourself in this position, here is what you should do…

What to do if you have missed your flight

  1. Visit the help desk of the airline of which flight you just missed, or find one of their representatives and ask what their policy is for missed flights. Some airlines will charge just for a rebook fee, some will ask that you pay the difference in the cost of the flight you missed and the new flight, and some will ask you to pay for a whole new flight. As you can imagine, this could get quite expensive. They best way to avoid these costs is make sure you do not miss the flight in the first place!
  2. Stay calm. You may be stressed and angry, but it is not the airline staff’s fault.
  3. Ask to be put on the standby list. There may be a spare seat on another flight coming up. In the high travel season, there may be many flights per day to your destination, so you could be on your way in just a few hours. Be sure to check the ticket prices with other airlines flying to your festination. Do a quick comparison as to if it is cheaper to book an entirely new ticket with another airline instead.
  4. If you want to get away quickly, stay at the airport and try and get on another flight, unless your next flight is scheduled for over 5 or so hours away of course!
  5. Check your travel insurance policy’s terms for missed departure and what benefits they offer.

Will the airline refund me for a missed flight?

No. It is your responsibility to be on the flight in time. Some airlines may allow a discount on the next available flight, but it is not guaranteed and at the discretion of the airline.

What happens if I missed the first leg of a flight?

If you miss the first flight of a multi-city ticket, then it is likely that you will be marked as a ‘no show’ and the following leg will be automatically cancelled. If the layover between the connecting flight is long and you are able to get another flight and make the connection in time, make sure you let the airline know immediately so they can update their systems that you will be able to board the connecting flight. If the connecting flight is with a different airline than the first, you must inform them yourself also.

If you have booked a second flight that is a separate flight and not connect to the first leg, you must call ahead and let them know that you missed your flight and what your plans are. Will you make it in time for the connecting flight? If not, perhaps they can put you on the standby list in advance.

What happens to my baggage if I missed my flight?

If your luggage has already been checked in but you do not make it to your flight, find a representative as soon as possible to let them know. If your luggage has left on the flight and you have informed a representative, they may be able to have someone collect the luggage at the other end, rather then it being left in the carousel uncollected.

You must always be on the safe side with your luggage and have lost or delayed baggage cover in your travel insurance policy.
Allianz Travel’s Missed Departure Policy

With a travel insurance policy with us, we will pay you up to the amount shown in your summary of cover for the cost of extra accommodation and transport which you have to pay to get to your journey destination or back home because you are delayed by more than 4 hours in getting to the departure point by the time shown in your travel itinerary (plans) because:

- public transport (including scheduled flights) does not run to its timetable

- the vehicle you are travelling in has an accident or breaks down.
For more information, please view our policy details here