the republic of ireland guide

Emerald Isle - The Republic of Ireland

The Republic of Ireland, AKA the Emerald Isle, as the name suggests, is famous for its lush landscapes. It’s these landscapes that attract visitors from the world over.

As well as the rugged, green landscape, Ireland is steeped in ancient history with age old castles, centuries old cities and local traditions.

In this article, we quickly and simply breakdown the practical information you need to know about visiting Ireland.  

Where is the Republic of Ireland?

The Republic of Ireland (ROI) can be found to the west of the UK. The island of Ireland is made up of ROI and Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, ROI is not. This article will be covering the ROI and not Northern Ireland.
How do you get to Ireland from the UAE?

You can get a direct flight to Dublin from Dubai with a flight time of approx. 7 hours and 45 mins. If you wish to fly to another airport in Ireland, you may need to make a stopover. These are often in Amsterdam, London or Manchester.

Do I need a VISA to visit Ireland from the UAE?

UAE nationals do not require a visa to visit the republic of Ireland. All other GCC nationals do however require a visa to visit the ROI.

When is the best time to visit Ireland?

Ireland has the same seasons as us here in the UAE, but the temperatures are considerably different. For a country to have so much lush greenery to its landscapes, it needs lots of rain, and Ireland gets just that!

That said, it doesn’t rain ALL the time, and even when it does, there is still so much to do and enjoy. Spring and autumn are great times to visit as they are warmer than the winter and tourism (and prices) is not so high. Tourism increases in the summer months, but it is still a great time to visit!

“What do you pack for Ireland?”

Knowing what to pack for Ireland can be a challenge, so we suggest packing for any and all weathers. Weather is unpredictable, so we recommend always carrying a light waterproof jacket and shoes that will keep your feet dry and comfortable.

“Do you need travel insurance to visit Ireland from the UAE?”

Travel insurance is recommended anytime you are travelling away from home. Whilst travel insurance is not a legal requirement when visiting Ireland, it does cover you for many unforeseen circumstances which may occur at this time, such as covering your belongings from theft, loss or delay, travel cancellations or delays, plus medical and health expenses such as needing to purchase medication or spend time in a medical facility.
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Other tips for visiting Ireland:

  1. Do a road trip: A great way to view more of the lush landscapes is to head out in a hire car! You can go almost anywhere, including the smaller, quaint villages. They drive on the left in Ireland, and you will likely encounter some narrow, winding roads, so take care. Most cars are manual by default, so make sure you book an automatic if that is what you prefer.
  2. Many shops and attractions shut on a Sunday. Not all do, but many will have much shorter trading hours on a Sunday if they are open. Be sure to keep this in mind when making your plans.
  3. Ireland uses the Euro and the 3-pronged, UK plug.
  4. Swimming caps are required in public pools: Even your hotel pool.
  5. Tipping isn’t required: A service charge is added to the bill automatically, but if you want to leave a tip it is always a lovely gesture.

Recommendations of things to do in Ireland:

Killarney National Park: This was the first national park in the country. The park covers over 25,425 acres and includes oak and yew woodlands, Lakes of Killarney, mountain peaks and is also home to the only red deer heard on mainland Ireland.

Dingle Peninsula: Once called ‘the most beautiful place on earth’ by National Geographic, Dingle Peninsula in County Derry is Ireland at its very best. With its stunning beaches, country views and lanes, small fashion and jewellery shops and local food, this area of Ireland is like nowhere you will have visited before.

Fanad Head Lighthouse: Get yourself the perfect shot here at Fanad Head Lighthouse. It is absolutely stunning.

Visit a Castle: Ireland is covered in historic castles. There are hundreds scattered all over the country, in and out of cities, some intact, some restored, some in ruin.


We hope you have a wonderful time in the magical country of Ireland. We would love to hear your best parts, and recommendations of things to do!