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A Quick Guide to Finnish Lapland

Allianz Travel - A quick guide to Finnish Lapland

A Quick Guide to Finnish Lapland

When you think of Finnish Lapland you will most likely think of Christmas, but it is far more than just a festive destination.

Finnish Lapland offers midnight sun, reindeer, northern lights, lots of snow, huskie rides, hikes and so much more.

 If you are planning a visit to Lapland, here is what you need to know…


Where is Lapland?

Lapland can be found in the most northern region of Finland, Europe. Lapland is so far north it is even more northerly than almost the whole of Canada and Alaska, and the entire country of Iceland! Brrr.


How to get there

As Lapland is a major winter destination, charter flights fly directly into the Capital of Rovaniemi. From the UAE, take a flight to Helsinki (you will probably need to make a stop on the way) and then hop on a Finnair flight up to Rovaniemi.


How cold is it really?

In the winter, Lapland can get rather cold. As low as -30 degrees Celsius to be exact. Between the months of November and June the ground could be up to a meter in snow!

In the summer things warm up a lot with temperatures usually around 20 degrees but sometimes rising up to 30!

Two very different seasons we must say!


Winter Activities

Name a winter activity, Lapland has it.  From snowmobile rides, reindeer sled rides and husky mushing to skiing and snowboarding. Everything.

You can even safely ride a snowmobile on a frozen lake!

Allianz Travel - A quick guide to Finnish Lapland

View the Northern Lights

Lapland is a huge draw for those who want to view the spectacular northern lights. The lights can be seen all over the area between late October to early May when it is the darkest months.


Lemmenjoki National Park

This is Finland’s biggest national park at roughly 1,100sq miles in size. Here you will find remote rivers and rough landscapes to explore.

If you are thinking about visiting, make sure you go to the Nature Centre first as they will provide you with maps, fishing permits and all the advice you will need.


Visit Santa Clause

Did you know that Santa comes from Finalnd? Rovaniemi is the capital of Finnish Lapland, and most well known as the official home of Santa!

If you want to visit Santa’s home, it is open all throughout the year. Here you (or your children) can visit his office and enjoy a private chat with him, enjoying the enchanted atmosphere.

Santa’s reindeer need to be full of energy when it comes to Christmas, so you can also take the children to stroke them. Perhaps there will be one with a red nose?

Allianz Travel - A quick guide to Finnish Lapland

See the midnight sun

Due to its northerly location, during the summer the sun never sets, giving 24 hours of daylight, including the sun at midnight! Madness!

There are many ways that you can enjoy the midnight sun in Lapland. You could head to an openair festival or dance party, take a trip out on a boat, play a bit of golf, take a swim, watch some wildlife or go hiking and camping.

As you can see, Lapland is not just about Christmas, it is a magical wonderland with heaps of activities for you to enjoy throughout the year.


When will you be visiting?


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