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Frequent Traveller? Why Not Consider Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance?

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Do you travel abroad more than twice per year?

Do you want to make your multiple trips abroad more cost effective?

If your answer to either question above is yes, then you need to take out Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance.

Here’s why…

Annual multi-trip travel insurance is cheaper, per trip, than single trip insurance

If you travel just once or twice per year, then it would be more cost effective to take out single trip insurance each time. However, if you travel more than twice in any 12-month period, then the cost of an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy would be considerably cheaper overall, than taking out single trip insurance for each time you travel abroad.


The more trips abroad you take, the cheaper the policy cost per trip becomes.

 It is more convenient too…

Does the process of filling out your details over and over, getting quotes and checking the coverage offered ever feel like incredibly time consuming?

By taking out an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy, you only need to do all of this once, no matter how many times you travel abroad for short trips during the following 12 months.


Perfect for whatever reason you are travelling

Whether you are taking trips for business, family holidays or you just love to travel, an Annual multi-trip travel insurance policy is perfect for anyone who travels often. We have different options available depending on your current needs to make the process as simple and cost effective as possible.


The cover of annual multi-trip insurance is flexible

Here at Allianz Global Assistance MEA, we offer multiple different packages with varying levels of cover and excesses. This means that you can select the best policy for you and your upcoming trips.


Plus, you get all the same benefits of single trip insurance

With one of our annual multi-trip policies you have the same access to our 24/7 emergency assistance, no matter where in the world you are. You are also covered for everything in the single trip policy, including trip cancellation cover, medical expenses, dental emergencies, loss of travel documents and personal belongings, personal accident and much more.


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