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Allianz Travel - The Best Secret Beaches in Ibiza

The Best Secret Beaches in Ibiza

Each year over 6 million tourists visit Ibiza, a rather small Balearic island off the coast of Spain. This leads to some rather busy beaches!

Luckily for everyone, Ibiza has some stunning beaches around the Island that very few visitors know about, until now…

Cala Llarga

The most southerly beach on Ibiza is also one of the most beautiful. The beach has many rocks and platforms lining the bay, perfect if you fancy some jumping or diving into the clear waters.

Cala Llentrisca

If you fancy crystal clear waters for swimming or snorkelling, visit Cala Llentrisca. This tiny rocky cove is approx. 3km from Es Cubells on the south coast of the Island.


Cala Olivera

Found on the east coast of Ibiza, past the gated community of Roca Llisa, the mostly deserted beach of Cala Olivera can be found.

Jump in the beautiful waters and enjoy the views out to sea. Be sure to bring some food and water with you as there is little around.


Atlantis (Pedrera de Cala d’Hort)

Words cannot describe the absolute paradise of Atlantis.

This area was previously a quarry, and although this doesn’t sound too pretty, the pools left behind are utterly stunning.

This area is particularly difficult to find and to reach. Atlantis is not on most maps, but it can be found in the Cala d’Hort wildlife park. It is a rather deep decent down, and pretty tricky to get back up from, so best to leave this one to the fit and healthy visitors!


Es Canaret

Approximately 6km from San Joan you will find the tiny cove of Es Canaret. The cove has only recently had a trail introduced making this area previously difficult to access. As it isn’t well known so you should find it rather quiet. Bliss.


Ibiza has over 50 beaches, so we have just scratched the surface of the beautiful, hidden areas that you can visit.


Where are you looking forward to visiting?


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