In this article we have listed down the new skills that you would want to learn while on a Holiday.

Whether you enjoy laying back, sunning yourself and doing very little on holiday, or exploring the sights and attractions of a new city, there are lots of new skills you can learn that are fun and far from feeling as if you are being schooled.

Learn to cook in Vietnam

From intensive cooking classes to fun quick sessions, learning to cook Vietnamese food is a skill you can easily use back home to remind you of your travels. Whats more, the local food of Vietnam is delicious too!
Learn to cook the staple favourites of Pho, Banh and much more.

Bike in Morocco

Fancy improving your biking knowledge whilst exploring some stunning scenery? Then learn to bike in the mountainous Morocco.
You will learn everything from setting up your bike to performing a wheelie whilst riding on the Atlas Mountains. Biking expeditions are available for all levels.

Bike in Morocco
Surf in Hawaii

Learn to Surf in Hawaii

Where else would be more exciting to learn to surf than Hawaii!

Local surfing schools are available for tourists to book onto lessons to learn to ride the waves in the place that invented the sport!

Choose between a one-off lesson to give it a go, or a multiple date course to really improve your skills. This is an experience in a setting like nowhere else.

Chocolate making in Belgium

Where else would you even consider leaning to make chocolate but Belgium itself?

Indulge in your sweet tooth and join a chocolate making class where you will experiment with truffles, nuts, fruit and even spiced chocolate! As you can imagine, there are many places in Belgium you can try your hand at this, and we recommend you do!

Chocolate making in Belgium

Become a yoga teacher in Bali

Live out your own version of ‘Eat Pray Love’ and learn to become a Yoga instructor in the exotic Bali, Indonesia!

There are a number of intensive courses you can take, which will end with you becoming a fully qualified Yoga teacher. Courses run from 21 to 30+ days, where you will learn everything you need to know with intensive training.

Mush Huskies in Lapland

Possibly not a skill that will be overly useful back to the UAE, but one that you will certainly enjoy and never forget.

Take a trip to the cold climes of Lapland in Finland and learn to mush the huskies. You can either go out on a short learning trip or take an entire holiday learning to mush whilst exploring the country.

Scuba Dive in Egypt

Scuba Dive in Egypt

The Red Sea is one of the top destinations for scuba divers. Thanks to the warm waters you can find a huge array of fish and corals, and there are even a number of wrecks to explore too.

If you need to learn to dive, there are lots of diving schools that you can join up to, who will teach you the ropes and get you the required qualification. Most lessons start in a pool, so nothing too scary to start you off!
If you are looking to learn a new skill it is important that your travel insurance policy covers you for it if it is an activity such as diving, skiing etc. You may need to take out extra coverage on certain activities, just in case of an accident or illness. To find out more about our travel insurance policies, please visit