We all look forward to our vacations. They provide us with that sometimes much needed break from our busy lifestyles and allows us to do things that give us pleasure.

Going on vacation has so many benefits in addition to taking time off from work and letting our hair down.

Here are our top 8 benefits of taking a vacation.

Reduces Stress at Work

Research has shown that there are some striking effects of not going on holiday. It has found that workers who take a vacation are less tense and less stressed upon their return.

Plus, they are found to be in a better mood and have higher energy levels. Win win!

Vacations Cut Your Risk of a Heart Attack

Going on holiday and allowing yourself a chance to destress and spend more time with your loved ones has been shown to lower your risk of a heart attack by a whopping 50% for women and 30% for men. What staggering figures!

Travel Broadens the Mind

There have been many studies proving that travel brings an increase in creative and personal growth. Going to new places, seeing new things and having new experiences makes your more culturally aware. A huge benefit for life when you return.

Chance to Get Some Time in the Sun

We get a good amount of sun here in the UAE, but how many of us actually spend a relaxing amount of time in it when we work in offices or indoors most of the week?
Let’s not forget that sunlight can cause skin cancer, so you must keep your skin protected. However, a lack of sunlight can trigger seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Going on holiday can help alleviate the depressive symptoms of SAD. 

Gives You More Energy

Did you know that vacations allow you to restock those all-important energy reserves? Perfect for when you return to the office afterwards. You will be bouncing with energy and ready to hit the ground running!

Catch up on Sleep

Sleep deprivation from work, stress, and other daily life can lead to illness, premature ageing and a poor mental performance. Going on vacation gives the perfect opportunity to get some well-earned sleep

Whilst we sleep, our bodies repair and renew themselves. It is during deep sleep that the brain recharges itself, rather than the length of time we sleep. So getting a good, uninterrupted sleep is very important.

Sleep also boosts our immune system which helps fight infection.
Help Your Performance at Work Overall

It has been shown by research that those who take regular vacations receive better scores on their end of year performance reviews compared to those who didn’t take any time off. It also shows that those who take vacations tend to stay at their jobs longer and are much happier.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

When we laugh the body releases natural ‘feel good’ chemicals called endorphins. This strengthens the immune system and can help reduce the risk of diseases, heart conditions and allergic reactions.
When we are relaxing enjoying ourselves on holiday, we are more likely to have a good old belly laugh!

Your good vibes are contagious

You know that ‘good vibe’ feeling you bring back from vacation? According to Environmental psychologists, those good vibes rub off on those around you. Your holiday is good for everyone!

Are these enough reasons to entice you to book that all important vacation? We think so.

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