Travelling to certain parts of the world can be a very luxurious and exotic experience. But given how exclusive certain places are, it’s no shocker that you may need specific travel insurance for that area due to specific requirements and needs you may have.

Places like these include the beautiful city of Dubai in the UAE. Travelling to the UAE is challenging if planned incorrectly. This is because there are several factors that need to be considered and met for you to have a smooth and enjoyable trip, these factors include travel insurance.

This article will discuss why you should get travel insurance for your trip to Dubai, as well as the best travel insurance specifically designed for travel within the UAE

The short answer is no, but although travel insurance is not a requirement, it is highly important. One of the reasons why certain countries have entry and visitation or travel requirements is to ensure the safety of travellers so they have what they need to receive the required assistance in the case of emergencies. While it is not mandatory, it is wise to be covered for any trip, whether you’re headed to Dubai or beyond.

Although not a legal requirement, travel insurance is still an important aspect of travel planning. In the UAE, travel insurance is a smart move for travellers to ensure they have all the funds they need ‘just in case’.

The emergency medical benefit of travel insurance can help cover travellers for medical treatment in case of an unfortunate illness or injury.

Similarly, medical evacuation helps to transport you to equipped or specialised hospitals within the vicinity in case of unique medical emergencies. If the physician that operates on the traveller decides that the traveller should go back home, having such coverage can help cover the costs.

It is advisable for travellers to have travel insurance for the entire duration of the trip that goes beyond medical coverage. Your travel insurance should also include coverage for potential trip disruptions, loss of any personal belongings, and repatriation of remains in case of death.

You should consider choosing an inbound travel insurance UAE product. This travel insurance should provide emergency medical coverage, which is the most important aspect of travel insurance as it also provides additional travel benefits.

Our inbound travel insurance option provides cover for up to 3 months. It is linked to your trip and not your visa. This means if you enjoy your trip to Dubai and decide that you would like to go there again, then you need to get a multi-entry visa and the inbound travel insurance UAE for each planned trip. 

The inbound travel insurance option is ideal for travellers from all parts of the world who have the desire to travel to the UAE and need travel insurance that will align with the travel insurance needs fit for a trip to the UAE.

Allianz Travel’s travel insurance option includes the following benefits:

  • Emergency medical and associated expenses
  • Emergency medical evacuation/repatriation
  • 24-hour assistance
  • Accomidations costs that are related to COVID-19 quarantine should you be diagnosed with COVID-19 during your stay in the UAE.
  • Repatriation of remains
  • Dental cover
  • Loss of travel documents
  • Loss of personal money

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