If you’re an adventure seeker planning a trip to Switzerland and need travel insurance advice and travelling tips, we’re here to assist. Switzerland has a multitude of outdoor activities to enjoy, towering Swiss Alps to marvel at, charming little villages and crystal-clear lakes. Let’s not forget the world-famous Swiss chocolate and cheeses galore!

Look forward to an awe-inspiring experience with our need-to-know tips for your visit to Switzerland, plus what you need to know about being insured while travelling.

  • Language: Switzerland has four national languages, namely Swiss German, Swiss French, Swiss Italian, and Romansh. However, English is the most common non-national language spoken by a large number of the population.

  • Currency: The Swiss Franc (CHF) is the official currency of Switzerland.

  • Safety: Switzerland is one of the safest countries to travel to, but be aware of petty crime like pickpocketing and vehicle theft in larger cities.

  • Cash or card facilities: credit cards are widely accepted across the country, so you shouldn’t have any issues or need to carry large amounts of money. Many trains, shopping centres and post offices have ATMs available.

  • Travelling: trains are the most popular form of transport in Switzerland. You should be able to travel almost anywhere via train. Exploring via bicycle is also another alternative.

Travelling to any place while being insured is the smart move. If you are applying for a Schengen visa to enter Switzerland, then travel insurance is mandatory  as part of the visa application process. Having travel insurance will cover you in the event of medical injuries, personal accidents, loss of luggage and other unforeseen events. Travel Insurance  like Allianz Travel offer a host of affordable insurance options to keep you safe and give you peace of mind during your Swiss adventures.

Switzerland is brimming with a variety of fun and exciting activities—and it doesn’t begin and end at skiing. Even though cold weather activities are at the top of many people’s Swiss bucket list, there is more than meets the eye.

Here are our recommendations on places to see and things to do while in this exquisite European country.


Explore Grindelwald

Often revered as the most beautiful village in Switzerland, Grindelwald is breathtaking and a haven for nature lovers. Those that want to ski will thoroughly enjoy this destination, but other activities include hiking, zip lining and mountain biking. There are a variety of dining options to enjoy too, from candle-lit dinners in a ski gondola and scrumptious cheese to meat platters to fine dining with scenic views.


Step into old-world beauty in Bern

If you appreciate history, then Bern is where you should be visiting. Listed as a UNESCO site since 1983, the Old City is enchanting and boasts mediaeval roads, a clock tower, and the world-renowned Kramgasse street.


Welcome Italian flair at Lake Lugano

Located in Ticino, Lake Lugano sits on the Swiss/Italian border and is where you can soak up mesmerising views of snow-capped peaks while tucking into tantalising figs, pomegranates and citrus fruits. Lugano is also where many Italians living in Switzerland reside.


Trek to Geneva

Surrounded by towering Alps, Geneva is the perfect little Switzerland city. Enjoy full panoramic views of the Swiss Alps, explore the old town, attend the bustling Plainpalais Market or enjoy a day at the beach in Bains Des Paquis. You can also soar across the city with a paragliding experience or discover the historic castle of Château Chillon located on Lake Geneva.


Take a train up to Matterhorn

As a famous mountain of the Alps, Matterhorn does not require any hiking gear if you don’t fancy breaking a sweat to make your way to the top. You can take a train to Zermatt and then switch to the next train from there to reach the peak of the mountain. The mind-blowing views to the top are certainly worth it!


Drink and dine

If hot drinks are your vibe, then you can enjoy a free tour of the ideally located Nestle and Nespresso corporate offices. Situated alongside a picturesque lake, discover everything there is to know about the brand before enjoying a traditional asparagus soup that features as a staple on many restaurant menus. Caffeine addicts will be thoroughly impressed by the coffee in Switzerland, so be sure to grab a steaming hot cup of brew wherever you are. Last but not least, enjoy a cheese fondue experience while in the country, since Switzerland is revered for its many mouth-watering cheeses.


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