The best inbound travel insurance for your trip to the UAE

The Best Travel Insurance for Your Next Vacation in the UAE

If you’ve decided to make the United Arab Emirates your next vacation destination, you’ve made the right choice! The UAE is the perfect destination for travelers with all kinds of interests because it caters to adventure- and thrill-seekers, culture vultures, beach bums and more.

To make sure you enjoy the best time on your vacation, consider getting travel insurance  to cover yourself during your trip. Here’s why.

There are many ways that trip insurance can be your saving grace during what should be an otherwise magical vacation experience. We have listed a few key reasons why you should opt for insurance below:

  • Loss of travel documents: life happens. Even if you are the most careful person who takes the greatest precautions during your trips, losing your travel documents is something you should always seek coverage for. Inbound travel insurance from Allianz Travel covers you for the loss, theft or destruction of your passport and/or visa documents.

  • Medical emergencies and illness: getting sick or hurt while on an international trip can happen to just about anyone, and it can be scary. Not all countries offer public medical care or make it easy for you to obtain medical assistance. That’s why insuring yourself for potential medical situations is highly important.

  • On-demand assistance: being able to call for help whenever you need it is a blessing in disguise! While your friends or family may not always have the answers, having 24-hour expert advice and assistance is just a call away with trip insurance.

As the world continues to evolve and open up to new travel possibilities, being able to enjoy coverage for unforeseen events is important. Knowing what to keep an eye out for when comparing insurance plans will guide your decision. Here are a few key points worth mentioning:

  • Epidemic/Pandemic Coverage: with the pandemic changing the way we travel, access services and products, and even connect with others, having pandemic coverage is ideal for your insurance plan. Most plans exclude pandemic coverage, but Allianz Travel and Allianz Assistance have got you covered! From trip delays due to COVID-19 diagnosis to emergency COVID-19 medical care, having this kind of coverage is vital for your travel insurance plan.

  • Pre-existing medical condition coverage: having cover for losses related to pre-existing medical conditions (should you meet the requirements) is a wonderful addition to your insurance plan. Whether it’s an injury or a serious medical condition that you have been diagnosed with, enjoy cover for your medical needs.

  • Pricing: the cost of insurance is very important to consider when browsing various plans. Being able to receive proper coverage without completely breaking the bank is the goal for most travelers. By providing Allianz Travel and Allianz Assistance with your basic trip information, you can receive an accurate quote that gives you all the information you need. We give you various options to meet your unique budget requirements to ensure you can make a sound decision.

  • The length of your trip: if you are planning to travel for an extended period of time, then the maximum length of your trip is a fundamental consideration. Whether you work remotely and want to travel and experience the UAE at the same time, or simply want to visit loved ones for a longer period, we can offer you the best travel plans to meet your needs. 

Allianz Travel has over 30 years of experience in offering first-class services and products to tourists from around the globe. Our global headquarters are based in Paris, but we also have regional offices in more than 28 countries worldwide. Allianz Travel is the largest travel insurance and assistance company in the world, providing end-to-end insurance solutions to those in need.

Doing your research on the various travel plans and knowing the importance of trip insurance will protect you in the event of an accident or unprecedented event. Get the travel coverage you deserve to ensure your time in the Emirates is safe and sound. 

If you are considering a trip to the UAE and are looking for trip insurance, Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Inbound travel insurance for the UAE .