Travel Insurance Guide for First Timers

Your questions answered: the travel insurance guide for first-timers

Welcome to your travel insurance guide for first-timers! When it comes to travelling, travel insurance is often overlooked but critical for a worry-free trip. Understanding the ins and outs of travel insurance can be difficult and daunting for first-time travellers.

Travel insurance acts as a safety net, protecting you from unforeseen events and providing financial assistance in an emergency. The right travel insurance package can make all the difference in the event of a medical emergency, trip cancellation, lost luggage, or other unforeseen incidents.

In this article, we aim to provide much-needed travel insurance information for first-timers, answering common questions and concerns.

Please note any claims eligibility is subject to the terms and conditions of the travel insurance product you are purchasing. The reasons stated in this article are indicative and not binding. It is highly recommended to read our terms and conditions to see the exclusions, limits and conditions of our products. You can see all of the steps regarding making claims in the Allianz Travel Terms and Conditions.

Without further ado, let’s dive into our travel insurance guide below.

Travel insurance is specifically designed to give financial protection and help travellers in the event of an unforeseen occurrence or emergency while on vacation. It can cover various potential dangers and unexpected expenses, helping you to avoid or lessen the burden of large fees or being without reliable assistance in unforeseen circumstances.

Travel insurance coverage varies based on the policy and the insurance provider; however, some common categories often covered include:

Trip cancellation or interruption

Suppose you have to cancel or cut your vacation short due to covered causes such as illness, injury, or a family emergency that results in a date change to your vacation. In that case, this coverage can reimburse you for unforeseen charges.

Emergency Medical costs

Medical expenses incurred during your vacation, such as hospital stays, dental consultations and certain medications, can be covered by travel insurance.

Baggage and personal possessions coverage

This coverage compensates you for lost or damaged baggage and personal belongings. It may also include coverage for delayed baggage, which reimburses you for necessary things purchased during the delay.

Travel insurance should not be used in place of health insurance. It aims to cover unexpected crises while travelling and excludes routine check-ups or medical care applicable in your home country.

To achieve total protection, it is critical to carry travel insurance abroad and regular health coverage. Travel insurance acts as a safety net during your trip, while your regular health insurance remains in effect to support you in the event of an injury or illness when you return home.

While it does cover unexpected illnesses and accidents, it also covers a variety of other situations. Among these are:

Trip cancellation

Loss, damage, or theft of possessions

Emergency evacuation

Trip interruption

Pre-existing conditions are often not covered under travel insurance plans. While travel insurance can help if you get sick while travelling, it may not cover costs for continued treatment of chronic diseases or pre-existing medical issues you were aware of before acquiring the policy. If you require specific medical support for pre-existing conditions when travelling, you should be mindful of this limitation and investigate additional options.

With Allianz Travel you are covered for the dates you specify in your quotation. Once the policy is acquired, these will be confirmed on your policy schedule.

Single-trip insurance coverage expires on the end date specified as the travel-end date when you purchased your travel insurance. Annual multi-trip policies end on the policy's expiration date.

Due to unpleasant experiences, it has become clear that most travel insurance policies do not cover pandemics. Although several travel insurance companies like Allianz Travel have changed their pandemic coverage policies, many still do not include explicit protection for COVID-19. Travellers must carefully read the terms and conditions of their travel insurance policies to determine the scope of coverage, especially in the case of pandemics such as these. While the travel insurance environment is changing, traditional travel insurance plans continue to restrict coverage for pandemic-related incidents.
Claim procedures may differ based on your insurance company and the nature of your claim. Reviewing your travel insurance coverage and contacting your insurance company for specific recommendations customised to your case is critical. This blog post demonstrates that claiming with Allianz Travel is a simple process.

When protecting your peace of mind when travelling, having reliable travel insurance is ideal. Allianz Travel has over 30 years of experience providing globe trotters with various travel insurance packages to meet their unique needs.

As part of our travel insurance guide, we’ve included some of the best travel insurance options by Allianz Travel below: 

Inbound Travel Insurance to the UAE

This Inbound travel insurance UAE policy is intended for all visitors to the United Arab Emirates. The plan includes Emergency Medical coverage and extra travel benefits such as travel document loss.

Allianz Travel covers international visitors to the UAE for up to three months of travelling. Please remember that the insurance is tied to your travel to the UAE, not your visa. This implies that if you get a multi-entry visa and plan to visit the UAE many times, you must purchase travel insurance for each trip.

This Inbound travel insurance UAE package must be purchased before travelling to the UAE. Any travel insurance obtained after your journey to the UAE has begun will be ineligible for reimbursement.

Single-Trip travel insurance

Our Single-trip Travel Insurance package has been designed to protect you during your international journey. We are here to safeguard you, your loved ones, and your belongings against unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, sickness, and travel interruptions.            

Our single-trip travel insurance is designed to cover visits abroad lasting up to 90 days. Simply supply us with your trip's start and end dates when purchasing.

Annual multi-trip travel insurance

Designed specifically for those who embark on multiple trips throughout the year, this insurance plan provides extensive coverage for any trips lasting less than 90 days, ensuring you're protected during your travels throughout the year.

It is important to remember that these annual travel insurance products do not cover you if you plan to stay abroad for more than 90 days in a row.

Schengen Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Schengen Travel insurance will increase your chance of obtaining your Schengen visa and protect you while travelling in Europe. It gives the essential insurance certificate for your Schengen visa applications. Purchasing our Schengen Travel Insurance will provide you with complete peace of mind by covering up to $50,000 in emergency medical expenditures in the event of an accident, sickness, disease, or injury.

Allianz Travel is a comprehensive travel insurance and assistance company providing end-to-end insurance solutions to travellers who enjoy globe-trotting. Allianz Travel has experience spanning over 30 years, offering outstanding services and products to tourists from around the globe. Allianz Travel’s global headquarters are located in Paris, with regional offices in more than 28 countries worldwide. Contact Allianz Travel today to get your extreme sports travel insurance policy before your next adventure.