The United Arab Emirates is a melting pot for culture, history, world-leading attractions and sumptuous international cuisine. From the glitz and glamour of Dubai to the breathtaking natural attractions of Fujairah, there is so much to see and do.

Having the most suitable travel insurance for your trip to the UAE is imperative to ensure you can enjoy a hassle-free vacation without the concern of not being covered in the event of any emergency situations.

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Travel insurance when travelling to the UAE can save you in many unfortunate situations. Not having cover can result in excessive fees which most people are not prepared for, be it hospitalisation or an extension on your trip due to disease or other reasons. We can’t imagine anything worse than needing to be admitted for a serious illness, or losing your passport overseas and having no way to cover your expenses as soon as possible. Stay safe, have peace of mind and enjoy your holiday the way you intended without worrying about unforeseen circumstances not being covered when you protect yourself with travel insurance.

Travel insurance provider, Allianz Travel, offers a great inbound travel insurance package that cover travellers in the event of instances such as:

  • Emergency medical and associated expenses: be covered in the event of hospitalisation, or if you need to go home earlier or extend your journey because of sickness or accidental injury.

  • Emergency medical evacuation or repatriation: based on medical necessity, Allianz Travel will arrange your evacuation to the most suitable medical facility that can provide optimal care, or repatriation back to your home country in extreme situations.

  • 24-hour assistance: have peace of mind knowing that our expert agents provide around the clock service to assist you with any emergencies or queries while visiting the UAE.

  • COVID-19 quarantine accommodation: be covered for accommodation costs in the event that you need to be quarantined due to COVID-19 diagnosis, with our insurance covering you for quarantine of up to ten days.

  • Loss of travel documents: be covered if your visa or passport is stolen, lost or destroyed while travelling.

  • Loss of personal money: get up to AED 300 in coverage for the loss or theft of your money or travellers’ cheques for you or anyone covered under your policy.

  • Dental: receive dental cover for treatments to relieve sudden pain in case of an emergency.

  • Repatriation of remains: in the unfortunate event of your death or anyone’s death during the journey who is covered under your policy, Allianz Travel will provide cover for the cost of transportation of the remains.

When travelling to the UAE, companies like Allianz Travel can provide cover for up to 90 days of travel, with cover linked to your trip duration and not your visa. 

While it is not mandatory for all travellers to get travel insurance with COVID-19 cover when visiting the Emirate of Dubai, it comes highly recommended. An article published by Khaleej Times has detailed an official source recommending travellers to get cover in the event of any pre-existing medical conditions, unexpected illnesses and COVID-19 infections, to name a few. A valid travel insurance policy can cover expenditures in case of an emergency while you are overseas.

Learn more by reading the article here .

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