As the home of LEGO®, mediaeval-like towns and mouth-watering sweet pastries, what’s not to love about Denmark? Despite being the smallest Scandinavian country, Denmark is a well-established nation with a strong history and friendly citizens.

From where to visit, what to eat and everything else in between, here’s what you need to know about this exquisite country.


Before we dive into the must-see places and things to do, here’s our list of need-to-know information before you go:


  • Language: while Danish is the official language of Denmark, English is widely spoken by the majority of the Danes as they are taught English from a very young age.
  • Currency: the Danish Krone (DKK) is the official currency of Denmark.
  • Best time to visit: the preferred time to visit Denmark is in June, July and August, when temperatures are comfortable and the daytime drags longer.
  • Best way to get around: the Danes are avid cyclists, with cycling infrastructure being better developed than walking lanes. Unless you’re travelling cross-country, hiring a bike is your best bet for getting around.

  • Don’t chuck used bottles: Denmark has a pant system that allows you to return used bottles for coins at the many supermarkets that have pant machines. Alternatively, use the public pant bins so others can return bottles for cash.
  • Carry cash on hand: while Denmark has many credit card facilities, be sure to keep some spare cash on you when visiting smaller towns or the countryside, where you may need it to use public transport and buy other small necessities.
  • Get a city tourism card: if visiting many museums and local attractions are part of the plan, then a city tourism card is vital and gives you access to discounts, free admission to certain places, and free transportation.
  • Save on dining: Denmark can be expensive for some, but that shouldn’t put you off from visiting! There are many ways to get more bang for your buck, and eating street food like hot dogs or cooking for yourself are a great way to cut costs.

Denmark has a lot of delicious food to try, with seafood, meat and potatoes being staples in many dishes. The country’s sweet pastries are also world-renowned! While in Denmark, be sure to try out pølse, a traditional Danish hotdog served with remoulade, sweet pickles, crispy fried onions, mustard and pickled red cabbage. Other popular favourites include the Wienerbrød (a Danish pastry filled with either jam or vanilla cream), cold buttermilk soup served with biscuits, and a “shooting star,” the upscale version of the popular Danish open sandwiches comprising rye bread, asparagus, freshly peeled shrimp and caviar.

Denmark is brimming with beauty, from its centuries-old hotels to its trendy boutique stores and multitude of museums, there’s so much to look forward to that will certainly excite your inner travel bug. Here are some noteworthy places worth adding to your Denmark itinerary:


As the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen has captivating architecture, a buzzing nightlife, friendly locals and breathtaking harbours. Tivoli Park is a specific must-visit spot, along with the many cosy cafes and restaurants, along with the free attractions like the Midsummer’s Eve celebrations.


One of the few cities in Denmark that did not conform to tourism, this quaint university town retains its old-world charm. Don’t let that affect your mindset though; there are plenty of things to enjoy in this city! Aalborg hosts the largest carnival in Northern Europe, namely the Aalborg Carnival. A visit here is also the perfect opportunity to snap a few Instagram-worth shots of the incredible scenery at Limfjord and trek to the Aalborg Historical Museum, dating back to 1863.


Serving as Denmark’s primary port, Aarhus is where some of the world’s freshest and tastiest seafood can be enjoyed. A three-hour drive from Copenhagen, Aarhus draws in locals and tourists with its beautiful sidewalk cafes, rich cultural history, and pumping nightlife. This is also where you’ll get to ogle at the real-life LEGOLAND®.


History buffs will love this breathtaking city with a small population of around 51,000 people. Many historical sites populate Roskilde, including the Land of Legends recreation where the Stone Age and Viking lifestyle is often recreated by actors at its open-air museum. Other things to enjoy here include the active boatyard alongside the harbour, and the Roskilde Festival for music, decadent food and art, with over 180 acts taking place.

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