Why not wake up in the happiest country on earth? Finland is an enchanting Nordic nation that is famous for having the world’s most joyful population. The country’s natural environment boasts forests, lakes and the world’s largest archipelago. Enjoy the beautiful minimalist architecture in Helsinki, Finland’s capital city or immerse yourself in the variety of cultural and outdoor activities including chasing the famous Northern Lights. Read on for more on this underrated Northern European country.

What makes Finland so special is its unique culture, the focus on living in harmony with the natural environment, and its illustrious architecture. 

CurrencyThe official currency of Austria is the Euro (EUR). Finland is part of the European Union

Capital city: The capital and largest city of Austria is Helsinky.

Austrian time zone: Time zone: UTC +2 (Eastern European Time for Winter) / UTC + 3 (Eastern European Summer Time)

Winter is a great time to visit. Finland is a winter wonderland where you can play ice hockey, go skiing or even dog sledding on your trip. With an industry of people ready to instruct and guide you, there’s no need to hesitate if you are keen on winter sports. Dog sledding is also known as the “husky safari” and is one of the best ways to experience scenic views and a unique winter sport. Finland is famously the home of Santa Claus and reindeers, so it really is an ideal place to enjoy winter activities.

Finland’s summers are mild, with an average of approximately 17 degrees celsius. With the country also known as the “Land of a 1000 Lakes,” there are wonderful spots to have a tranquil vacation lakeside. Locals typically book a lakeside cottage to spend their summers enjoying the world’s cleanest air, gorgeous natural landscapes and time out from the urban sprawl 

The country has so much to offer, so you can take your pick depending on what you will enjoy the most. 

Modern architecture

Finland is world-renowned for its 20th-century architecture, with a modernist tradition and minimalist aesthetic. The tradition of building with wood still informs Finnish architecture. One of the most celebrated and famous Finnish architects and designers is Alvar Aalto who has over 500 notable works, most of which are in Finland. Lovers of design must see the flagship stores for Arteck and Marimekko, and visit the capital city of Helsinki to experience iconic design classics. The way in which Finnish architects work with light and nature is best experienced in person, as even small-town libraries are known to be well-designed and modelled to be in harmony with their surroundings.

Northern Lights

Finland is one of the few places you can witness the aurora borealis , known as the Northern Lights. Finland’s Lapland is one of the best places in the world to experience the natural light show, creating a magical nightscape and generally leaving onlookers awestruck. September to March are the best times to catch the stunning rays of coloured light. It's estimated you can see the Northern Lights here 200 nights a year - which is essentially the entire winter.

The Cities


Helsinki is a hip, modern capital that’s home to a vibrant art and music scene; it’s bursting with museums, cafes and green spaces. As a smaller city, it is possible to traverse it on foot and it doesn't attract as many crowds as the other Scandinavian capitals, making sightseeing even more enjoyable.

Helsinki may not get the same attention as the other Scandinavian capitals, but it has an eclectic style, with grand neoclassical architecture from being a part of the Russian empire, as well as post-independence art nouveau buildings and the contemporary design that is a symbol of modern Finland. There's even an entire Design District for art lovers to enjoy. 

  • Helsinki’s Sinebrychoff Park

A serene park that used to be a private park, it’s now an ideal spot for people-watching and picnicking, As one of the most famous parks in Helsinki, it is popular with locals in the summertime, making it a wonderful place to spend time with family or just to enjoy a stroll or for pitstop along on your trip. With the Sinebrychoff Art Museum nearby, it's an ideal way to spend an afternoon.

  • Helsinki Cathedral

Helsinki is a beautiful city built along the Baltic coast, there a number of exciting outdoor activities, with skiing and ice skating available in the winter. As one of the most recognisable steeples on the city’s skyline, the Helsinki Cathedral is a major landmark of the city and possibly the most famous structure in Finland. It is a symbol of Helsinki and also commonly considered one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Scandinavia that opened in 1852. The steps from the Cathedral are also a good spot to watch the city hustle and bustle.


Tampere is located in the Lakeland region, with a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful sights. Nestled between the lakes of Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi in western Lakeland, Tampere is one of  the most favoured holiday destinations for the Finnish. Another interesting fact is that it was  voted the world’s sauna capital. 

  • Flowpark Varala

Flowpark is an ecological adventure park with adventure courses built on living trees.  Nature is preserved, so the trees are not harmed, but there are cableways, zip lines and  beautiful views of the lake Pyhäjärvi.  



With over 50 public saunas in the region, Tampere has the largest number of public saunas in Finland. The historic Rajaportti sauna is the oldest operating public sauna in Finland, with roots tracing back to 1906. There are also saunas on the lakefront including the Kaupinoja and Rauhaniemi, where you can also take a dip in the icy water even in the winter.

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