road trips in and around the UAE

Exciting Road Trips in and Around the UAE

Road trips in and around UAE
We here in the UAE are incredibly lucky that we are perfectly placed to visit many wonderful places by road. In just one to a few hours you can do all kinds of activities, such as mountain climbing, swimming in natural pools, cross into another country and even white water rafting!


If good things come in small packages than you are in for a real treat in Ajman.

In just a one-hour drive you could find yourself relaxing on some of the nicest beaches in the Emirates. Ajman has a very laid-back vibe, making it the perfect quick break from the busy city.

Al Ain

A garden city in the desert. Don’t believe us? Then take a 1hr 40min drive to Al Ain and see it for yourself.

The Al Ain Oasis is the nation’s first curated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a visit to Wadi Adventure, a wonderful water park with lots of thrill seeing to be had including a man-made, white water rapid!

Al Ain Zoo is a must visit also. Here you can even take a safari, meaning you can see animals in an almost-natural habitat. With the tour trucks you may even get to spot lions, rhinos, ostriches, giraffes and more!

Bet you didn’t think you could do all that here?

Muscat, Oman

Cross on over the border and head to the Omani capital of Muscat. This drive is a little longer, at 4hrs 30mins, but the route is exceptional. You will head through the mountains and along the Oman costal route. You will also head through wadis and little villages until you reach Muscat.

Muscat, and Oman in fact, is laid back, giving you the perfect opportunity to relax. Take a trip to one of the museums and be sure not to miss the Royal Opera House Muscat!


Visit Fujairah on the East Cost for some exciting activities and sight-seeing.

After a 2hr 30min drive through a largely uninhabited desert and mountain ranges you will arrive at what many believe to be the country’s finest seafaring and water sports activities.

If you aren’t too tired from all your activities, make sure you are up bright and early to watch the most incredible sunrise that you will not have seen back in Dubai.

If you are heading out on a road trip, and we really recommend that you do, be sure to make all the necessary arrangements and preparations to make your journey as fun, and safe, as possible.
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