Hajj and umrah travel insurance policy

Haj and Umrah - Travel Insurance Policy

This trip is rewarding and enlightening for all Muslims, so it is best to make sure that you have everything planned accordingly to assist should an unforeseen circumstance happen during this time.

For this reason, we have launched our tailor-made Hajj and Umrah travel insurance. This dedicated  travel insurance packages cover you for exactly what you need whilst you are on your journey.
How much does Hajj and Umrah travel insurance it cost?

Our Hajj and Umrah travel insurance policies cost from just 29 AED. You can get a free customised quotation and purchase from the following link: https://www.magroup-online.com/LCWL/HJM/AE/en/travel-insurance-quote/

How is it different to regular single trip travel insurance?

As you will only be away from home for a few days, we have created our Hajj and Umrah travel insurance policies to be a lower cost than some of our other products. We have tailored this specific product to cover the absolute necessities and emergency cover you may need on your trip.
What is covered

  • Medical expenses and hospitalisation – should an unfortunate instance occur where you need medical treatment, these expenses will be covered up to the maximum amount as stated in your policy
  • Evacuation and repatriation – should you need to return home urgently
  • 24-hour assistance – you can call us any time, day or night for emergency assistance
  • Emergency travel for a family member to join you from your own country should you become hospitalised
  • Emergency dental costs – should you have a dental accident whilst travelling, these costs will be covered up to the maximum amount as stated in your policy wording
  • Passport and visa cover – the cost to replace lost or stolen documents are covered
  • Delayed departure cover – should you travel arrangements be delayed or cancelled; expenses associated with your replacement travel will be covered.

Please view the full breakdown of our policy on our website here