Travel Insurance Cover for Visitors to the UAE

Are you an expat or resident of the UAE who has visitors visiting them from outside of the country?

We at Allianz Travel MEA have just launched a new, revolutionary product aimed at protecting those based outside of the UAE who are coming here to visit, for up to a maximum of 90 days.

This brand-new product is a special type of travel insurance for visit visas. It has been created to cover visitors from a range of unexpected events, just like other travel insurance products you may be familiar with.

Why should you take out this policy?

There are still many people who travel without any travel insurance or protection in place. These people are taking a huge financial risk on themselves and in many cases, their loved ones.

For example, this recent news article (link below), the Indian Embassy strongly advises that anyone travelling to the UAE take out travel insurance. It follows the case of someone who was visiting the UAE and faced high bills after an accident.

Read the article here

Financial burden of unforeseen circumstances is covered with a policy such as ours and prevents financial burden at such a difficult time. Money is not something someone should be worried about when someone is ill, injured or in trouble.

Protect your loved one today and take out a policy for their visit to you.

What does the policy cover?

Our cover includes both medical related cover and travel inconveniences cover up to limits detailed on the policy wording.

Medical cover includes the benefits of emergency medical & associated cover, emergency medical evacuation (transporting someone to another medical facility) Emergency Dental cover, emergency family travel and repatriation of remains.

Loss of personal baggage, personal money, credit card fraud, baggage delay (such as lost in transit) flight delay and loss of travel documents are covered within the travel inconveniences benefits.

You can view the full details of the policy here including the excess costs and claim limits. (link to correct info)

What does the policy cost?

Our policy has been created to be as flexible and affordable as possible. Therefor the cost of our premiums is based on the duration of the visitor staying within the UAE.

Up to:

15 days = AED 56.00

30 day = AED 94.00

60 days = AED 188.00

90 days = AED 281.00

These costs are per person and inclusive of taxes and VAT.

When you think that medical costs can be anything from hundreds to thousands of dollars, these premium costs bring incredible value and peace of mind.

For more information and to take out a policy, please visit our product page here