Oman is the perfect short haul destination for a break from the UAE. It has breathtaking, rolling mountains, costal scenery and even natural springs.Oman is calm, relaxing destination in comparison to the hustle, bustle and glamour of the cities of the UAE.


Similar to Dubai, the best time to visit Oman is in the winter months between December and February, where the weather is much cooler. Between April and September the weather is hot and humid and can reach up to 45 degrees, whereas in the winter between October and March, the weather can be between 15 to 25 degrees.


Up until 1970 there were no hotels at all in Oman! Now there is an abundance of luxury hotels including the Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah, Antara Al Baleed, The Chedi, Six Senses and many more. If you are looking to try something a little bit different, you can even spend the night at a Bedouin camp in the Wahiba Sands.


If you love a bit of action and adventure, Oman has a lot to offer you. You could find yourself Paragliding, Diving, Dolphin watching, on a night safari, Turtle watching, Camel and Horse riding, and on a 4x4 adventure in the desert.


The capital of Oman and Oman’s largest city, Muscat, was originally 3 different towns that have merged into one city. This does however mean that you may need to travel a little around the city. There are a number of well-known car hire companies available or you can hop in a “Maxi Taxi.”

The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat is one not to be missed. It is the 3rd largest mosque in the world and welcomes non-Muslims at all times except between 8am and 11am on Thursday and Friday. It also boasts the second largest, handmade Persian carpet in the world and a huge Swarovski crystal chandelier.

Take in some contemporary Omani architecture and visit the Royal Opera House. Not only does it have the concert theater, it also houses landscaped gardens, a market and luxury restaurants.

Make sure you take time to visit the Mutrah Souk, Oman Avenues Mall and Sabco Centre shopping areas.

Getting there

There are 3 ways of getting to Oman from the UAE; Road, Air and Sea.


By road it takes around 4.5 hours from Dubai to the city of Muscat. That is presuming you do not stop, so allow more time for breaks. Remember that you will be crossing the border into another country, so you must make sure you have the following documentation:

  • You and all passenger’s passports
  • Driving license
  • Your car registration card (Mulkiya)
  • Car insurance document. You will also need to have car insurance for Oman. You can buy this at the boarder if you do not have it.


The flight time from Dubai to Muscat is 1hour and 7 minutes. Almost all flights go into Muscat. Make sure you have all the required documentation for your visa as detailed below


There are a number of cruises that travel from Dubai to Oman and it is a beautiful way of travelling from place to place.

Visa Requirements

If you are a UAE residence visa holder, you will be able to get a visa at the boarder to Oman but you will need the below documents:

  • Valid UAE visa of residence
  • A valid passport with more than 6 months left before it expires
  • Insurance document for your car for Oman, if you are driving

If you are visiting Oman, you will need to take out specific travel insurance for the country – your private medical insurance will not cover you if you need treatment in Oman.
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